Regional Players

The regional players in the BioPharma Cluster South Germany include companies, universities and other research-related institutions as well as municipal partners and financial partners.

Their partnerships with each other are a clear success factor for the region, consistently developing new technologies and services as well as acquiring skilled personnel.

ecoSPECS GmbH is a leading provider of engineering services for quality systems with internationally renowned clients in the fields of life science, hospitals and medical technology.

Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB is committed to application-oriented research. The institute combines biotechnology and process engineering to develop solutions for precision medicine, a sustainable bioeconomy and a climate-neutral and resource-efficient circular economy. Its "Virus-based Therapies" branch in Biberach develops new technologies for testing and producing viral therapeutics at the interface between science and industry.

Prospitalia is the leading platform for management of healthcare-spend and clinical solutions. Prospitalia Pharma supports hospital pharmacies in pharmaceutic developments and is strategic consulting partner concerning economic, pharmaceutical and regulatory topics.

Reinraumtechnik Ulm is a developer of innovative cleanroom solutions with a special focus on the domestic and foreign pharmaceutical industry.

Südpack Medica AG offers solution-oriented services for sterile medical packaging with state-of-the-art safety standards.