Welcome to BioPharma Cluster South Germany

The BioPharma Cluster South Germany is one of the world's leading hubs for developing and producing biopharmaceuticals.

members from the fields of industry, science and politics
work and research in the cluster
more than 100 companies and research institutions

The BioPharma Cluster South Germany is one of the world's leading hubs for developing and producing biopharmaceuticals. The cluster is one of the most important European production sites for active biopharmaceutical ingredients that have been approved Europe-wide.

The region between the German city of Ulm and Lake Constance is one of the top-selling and most important research, development and production hubs of Germany’s pharmaceutical industry. The cluster designs therapeutic and diagnostic procedures and does research in the field of personalised medicine, making a unique contribution to the medicine of the future.


An excellent profile in life science makes the BioPharma Cluster South Germany a top location for biopharmaceutical development and production.

Versatile Work and Living Environment

Global corporations, medium-sized companies and universities provide excellent prospects for specialists and apprentices within the BioPharma Cluster South Germany.

BioPharma made in South Germany

Our regional players combine know-how, experience and resources along the entire biopharmaceutical value chain to rapidly bring new treatments from the research bench to the patient.

High-Performing Scientific Centre

Outstanding research facilities, diverse partnerships – the BioPharma Cluster brings together the combined expertise of academia and industry, and offers ideal conditions for pioneering research in the field of next generation biopharmaceuticals.

Attractive Business Hub

More than 100 companies are part of the cluster. Partnerships between science and industry are successfully implementing future-oriented research.