Ulm Centre of Peptide Pharmaceuticals

The Ulm Centre of Peptide Pharmaceuticals (U-PEP) at Ulm University is a link between science and industry. Scientists from the Institutes of Molecular Virology, Organic Chemistry III and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology are working together at U-PEP to develop innovative and safe pharmaceuticals built on peptide- or protein-based active ingredients, pairing the scientific and medical sectors’ expertise. U-PEP drives long-term scientific discourse at a high level and relies on the "science of short distances".

Developing Innovative Active Ingredients

Peptides made up of amino acids play an increasingly important role in the pharmaceutical industry. As an interdisciplinary centre, U-PEP is a link between different research disciplines, providing optimal conditions for the isolation, identification, synthesis, optimisation and (biotechnical) production of peptide- and protein-based drugs.

U-PEP research unites all components of modern life sciences. As a link between science and industry, U-PEP is a partner for university and industrial research groups and collaborations.

Biotech Research for Antibiotics

Together with Harvard Medical School, the Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics, Jülich Research Centre and Lead Pharma Holding B.V., U-PEP is currently researching alternative antibiotics. Research project ‘C-Terminal Processing Protease Inhibitors as Antibacterial Drugs’ examines peptides as a potential new generation of antibiotics. These antibiotics are said to "disarm" pathogens instead of killing them quickly, as with conventional antibiotics.