Boehringer Ingelheim is Global Top Employer 2022

Boehringer Ingelheim advances to one of the world’s eleven best employers.


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The Top Employers Institute awarded Boehringer Ingelheim for the second year in succession as one of the world’s eleven best employers.


The Top Employers Institute Certification Programme assesses workplace environment and employee conditions through an independently audited survey and recognises participating companies  for their excellence in people practices.


Awards in 29 countries

Boehringer Ingelheim has been listed among the top employers in many countries and regions for the past eight years. This year, Boehringer Ingelheim will receive the award in 29 countries, as well as in Europe and the Latin America, and Asia-Pacific regions.


The independent Top Employers Institute certifies employers worldwide who wish to offer their employees excellent working conditions and support their development. Certification is based on a multi-level program. In order to become recognised as a "Global Top Employer", these organisations are certified as Regional Top Employers in a minimum number of countries and regions. They must also be certified in the country where their international headquarters are based. 


High scores in values, ethics and integrity

Boehringer Ingelheim continued to thrive in the area of employee engagement. Compared to its competitors, the company particularly stands out with regards to rewards and recognition. The Top Employers Institute also highlighted the agile work environment as well as the company’s values, ethics and integrity that result in the strong, inclusive corporate innovation culture. 


Another point mentioned by the jury refers to the ethical, inclusive approach to corporate decisions and a clear focus on the transfer and application of company values. The family business also takes care of individual development opportunities through tailor-made education and training programs throughout the employee’s working life. 


Mobile working during the pandemic

An example of employee orientation is the well-established mobile working. It helps, among other, to ensure that during the COVID pandemic, employees are empowered to actively adapt their work to health protection requirements and to ensure business continuity. This also applies for virtual onboarding processes for which the company established concepts for new employees working from home.


“The human dimension is a central part of Boehringer Ingelheim. This includes the feeling of belonging and an ongoing attention on everyone’s wellbeing at work. The certification as Global Top Employer recognizes once again that our work environment makes the company stand out as an employer”, says Dr. Sven Sommerlatte, Global Head of Human Resources at Boehringer Ingelheim.








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