ECAB & ECCE 2021

Engineering the Future: 6th European Congress of Applied Biotechnology & 13th European Congress of Chemical Engineering


20.-23. September | online | Register now


To enable an international scientific exchange despite restrictions that are expected to be still in place in September 2021, the 6th European Congress of Applied Biotechnology from (ECAB 6) and the13th European Congress of Chemical Engineering (ECCE 13) from 20-23 September 2021 will go virtual!


We will exploit the opportunities a virtual event offers to stimulate a truly European and global dialogue among scientists from industry, university and research institutions from Europe and beyond.


Chemical engineering, biotechnology and bioprocessing are more important than ever to meet current challenges thus as climate change, circular economy or pharmaceutical production. Driven not least by the shift towards renewable ressources, chemical and biotechnological process steps are increasingly going hand in hand. Integrated process design covers everything from the development of new production systems by synthetic biology to strain optimization, reactor design, process intensification and the downstream processing of bioproducts. ECCE 13 & ECAB 6 brings chemical engineers and biotechnologists together to discuss how to combine the best of both worlds in efficient and sustainable processes.


Promoting interdisciplinary exchange and the transfer from research to industrial applications, ECCE and ECAB cover the whole range of relevant topics from laboratory research via process development and chemical reaction engineering to challenges from industrial practice and overarching topics such as quality management and education. A virtual poster exhibition with opportunities for discussion, interactive workshops and panel discussions as well as high-ranking plenary presentations complement the scientific program.


Features of ECAB 6 & ECCE 13

  1. The highlight event for the European chemical engineering and biotechnology community
  2. Cross-linking disciplines and organisations to span the bridge from R&D to the industrial practice
  3. High-profile international keynote and plenary speakers
  4. Industry exhibition and plenty of networking opportunities
  5. Satellite sessions organised by partners
  6. Virtual poster exhibition with opportunities for discussion, interactive workshops and panel discussions
  7. Special offerings for students and young scientists


The following tools will be used for the conference: Converia Virtual Venue, Zoom (no license needed). We will send you the link to the Virtual Venue a few days before the conference starts.


The deadline for the submission of oral presentations has passed. However, Last Minute Poster abstracts can still be submitted. Further, you are cordially invited to participate with your contribution at the Science Slam “Engineering the future”.


The registration is now online.
Register now for an Early Bird rate until 15 July 2021!

The VDI e.V. will refund 50 Euros to the first 100 Bachelor/ Master students, registrating for ECCE/ECAB. Please have a look at Online Registration and Fees


For further information about the virtual event: https://ecce-ecab2021.eu/